Odoo community with an anti-fraud certification?


I chose Odoo from other ERP (ERPNext was also on the list) to be deployed in a tiny, family-owned business (5 people) in France.
Community version was choosen given that the company has really basic needs (inventory, basic accounting, invoicing, customer management (contacts, no mailing campaigns or whatsoever)) so the free tier was a match for them.

Given that businesses are required by law since the 1st of January, 2018 to use an accounting software "anti-fraud certified" ( and seeing Odoo SA doesn't certify the community edition but only enterprise, I'm wondering where that leaves me. The goal isn't to have a cake and eat it out by doing some freeloading, but knowing how much will it cost for this small business to have a certified ERP.

TL;DR I'm wondering how much will it cost to get this certification for a Community edition that only use few modules (accounting, invoicing, inventory) and if it would be a recurring payment or a single one. 

Thanks to everyone that can chime in regarding this matter.