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How to Manage your Full Sales Process with the POS?
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Locatie: Studio 2 - 07-10-21 18:30 - 07-10-21 19:00 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minuten)

How to Manage your Full Sales Process with the POS?
Marius Toussaint Business Analyst  at Odoo

After more than one year of experience as a business analyst at Odoo, Marius is now a member of the Point of Sales and IoT experts team. His mission today is to carry out all kinds of Odoo project implementations and participate in the improvement of the Point of Sale product. He also ensures the proper implementation of various projects related to the Point of Sale application by accompanying his peers on these.

Have you already run out of stock in your shop and still want to be able to make your sale from the Sales application to reserve future stock for your customer? Or do you simply want to enter a sale with services in the sales application and be able to register the payment and create your invoice from the point of sale? Learn today how to fully manage your sales flow with POS.