Practical Info

Date: Monday Sep 30 - Tuesday Oct 1
Time: 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Aula Magna • Belgium
Lunch and Drinks are included for each day of the training.


This training requires to already have a basic knowledge of the Accounting from both functional and business perspective.

Why should you attend?

If you already know the Accounting app but you feel that you should improve your knowledge and understanding to better use it and / or implement it in your company and / or your customers' companies.

What will you learn?

During this training, you'll have the chance to attend to:
  • A session completely dedicated to the new features in Odoo Accounting 13
  • 5 workshops you chose related to one of these topics:
    • Accounting firm: How to manage multiple customer's accounting with Odoo?
    • International companies: How to face the complexity of the accounting in this context (consolidation, multiple currencies, etc.)?
    • Set up an accounting localization from scratch
    • Accounting and stock valuation
    • Manage the assets and the deferred revenues
    • Analytic accounting and budget
    • Create an financial report from scratch
    • Advanced reconciliation
    • Automated payment and follow-up
    • Export my accounting data
    • Paperless and automation
    • How to sell Odoo Accounting 13?
    • How to implement Odoo Accounting 13?
We want this training to be the most interesting for each of you. That's the reason why we need your help! 
All the registered participants will receive a survey asking them to sort by preference all the topics listed above. Depending on the expressed attendance, these different workshops will be organized one or several times and each of you will receive his/her personal planning for the two days.

  • A best of session: Answer to the most interesting questions asked during the workshops

Table of Contents

Day 1 

  • Accounting
    • What's new in Odoo Accounting 13 
    • Demos
  • Afternoon: 2 workshops

Day 2

  • Morning: 2 workshops
  • Afternoon
    • 1 workshop
    • Training highlights  

Wynand Tastenhoye, Business Analyst - Odoo

After he graduated from the HUB, Wynand started his career at a big four firm in Brussels as an accountant and tax advisor for about 8 years. He reoriented himself about 2 years ago into the ERP business and worked most of the time on financial solutions in different ERP solutions. He joined Odoo in 2018 as a Business Analyst in the Quickstart consultancy team and is accompanying customers in the implementation of Odoo based upon their specific needs.

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