Odoo Product Configurator for eCommerce

Odoo Product Configurator Modules are a set of modules with the mission to extend Odoo's features by giving users the ability to generate customized products. Whether just for internal purposes or for customers via portal or website it provides a user friendly interface for both users and customers. 

The module suite tries to stay faithful to Odoo's general approach on modules: easy to use, integrated with the other main addons, add complexity as you need it.

The target audience:

  • Users from a vast range of industries such as Manufacturing, Service Providers, Retailers etc. Anybody who wishes to offer customizable products and/or services to their customers directly or indirectly.

  • Developers of all levels are more than welcome as a brief technical overview of the project will be presented. Especially in the roadmap section.

Odoo Versions covered by the modules are:

  • Partial support for version 8 with possibility to backport features.

  • Odoo 9 Community

  • Odoo 9 Enterprise

What will you learn from this talk? The importance of offering customization to Odoo users now that it has drastically evolved from an ERP platform. How it can substantially grow Odoo's market and benefit all Odoo users and developers. The configurator concept, current features and modules, future features and modules.

What should you expect from your presentation? A live overview of the working module. Importance of making the module open source and/or merging the module in the core if possible. Customer stories and the marketing success it has achieved with little investment demonstrating the importance and need of such a feature. Q&A Session

What is the structure of your talk? History of the module and how it came about. - Concept presentation. - Market response and potential benefits for the entire Odoo Ecosystem. - Live demonstration. - Roadmap. - Plans to release module as opensource and preferably add to core. - Q&A. Structure is still subject to minor changes.


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