Evenement Odoo Experience - 2015 Edition begint om 3 juni 2015 10:00:00 CEST
How to use Odoo in a B2B/B2C online and onsite shop
Locatie: Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1) - 03-06-15 10:30 - 03-06-15 10:49 (-0400) (20 minuten)

How to use Odoo in a B2B/B2C online and onsite shop

During this talk, I will present one specific use case of 1000bat, a successful battery vendor on our SaaS platform who thrived in using the various Odoo sales capabilities:

  • Regular B2B Sales & Consignment sales through  Sale Order

  • Regular Webshop sales & Consignment Webshop on a totally revamped interface

  • Quick adaptations made to our SaaS offer to continuously improve 1000bat's experience on Odoo

During this talk, I'll tell a bit more about our SaaS/Quickstart approach

Possibly, if time allow me to present a bit more, I'll describe another project of a toy vendor, Chillafish, who successfully started to use Odoo's backend and liked it so much he started learning how to customize it, especially in the area of Purchase and Sales management