Evenement Odoo Experience - 2015 Edition begint om 3 juni 2015 10:00:00 CEST
Advanced list generation & management for NFP's
Locatie: Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1) - 03-06-15 09:30 - 03-06-15 09:49 (-0400) (20 minuten)

WillowIT have just completed a challenging task of replacing a 20 year old donor and donation management system with Odoo. The customer was a major Australian not-for-profit organisation "Arthritis Victoria". One of the important features was the ability to generate very specific and targeted lists of donors for the various appeals that are run throughout the year, as well as the periodic renewal of memberships etc. The queries required were quite complex and varied. The challenge was to enable end-users to perform these with relative ease. Whilst Odoo's advanced search mechanism provided basic search functionality it did not have the flexibility to handle the complex queries across several tables which were required. WillowIT firstly created a dynamic wizard to prompt the user for the various search parameters used in what we termed a "unit query". The unit query could be constructed from a user designed Odoo advanced query or an arbitrarily complex static or scripted SQL statement written by a developer. The wizard used easily recognised field value selections where appropriate. The unit queries were then able to be linked together with various merge options such as "Combine the lists", or "Exclude from the current list the donors in the next list" etc. The result was that, with a bit of training, the end user could construct their own custom queries for the generation of arbitrarily complex donor selections. The code itself has been written in such a way that it is not specific to any particular table, although in our project it obviously used the partner table. However, it could equally be applied to leads, opportunities or products.