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Blanket Orders & Purchase Tenders

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Odoo Purchase Tutorial

Odoo tutorials are free tools designed to help you learn more about Odoo, determine whether Odoo is right for your business, and use Odoo to its full potential.

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Topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • Managing Blanket Orders

  • Creating Purchase Tenders

  • and more!

Minendra Patel
Business Advisor

If you would like to discuss using Odoo for your business, schedule a demo, or anything Odoo related please get in touch with us using these links:

US/CA: https://www.odoo.com/r/meeting-us
LatAm: https://www.odoo.com/r/LATAM
Europe: https://www.odoo.com/r/meeting-be
India: https://www.odoo.com/r/meeting-IN
Asia/Pacific: https://www.odoo.com/r/meeting-hk

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