Marine International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Limited

Marine International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Limited

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Dymaxel Systems (Private) Limited (16 referentie(s)

Dymaxel Systems (Private) Limited
Office #E106, Ground Floor, Railway Society, Block 13A
75500 Karachi
+923111770076, +923341243350

The company is responsible to build and operate the dry port at Lahore’s Prem Nagar Station. The 30 acre cargo handling facility will come into operations by 2011. The objective of the company is to establish a modern inland container depot near Lahore to cater to the growing logistics’ need of the trade and industry in the Punjab province by providing direct train connectivity for logistics handling from Karachi Port to the northern industrial hub of the country. In order to achieve this objective - where timely transportation is of essence - direct railway tracks have been laid between the Prem Nagar Dry port and PICT Container Terminal at Karachi Port.  Dedicated freight trains shall run round the clock between Karachi Port, the main port of the country and Lahore – being the northern industrial hub of the country. Furthermore, the company will use state of the art equipment for container handling in order to reduce time taken in loading and unloading of containers at the present Railways Dry Port at Mughulpura. The services that will be provided at the dry port are:


Regular freight trains from Karachi providing direct connectivity between Karachi and Lahore.
   This will entail direct freight train connectivity between PICT terminal at Karachi port to MICT Lahore.

 Consolidation and Distribution of Cargo in the Punjab Province.

 Storage and trucking


 Stuffing and De-stuffing of Cargo

 Examination/Custom clearance of import Cargo

 Shifting & Transportation