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Bina IT/Communicatie
Bina is a technology boutique company implementing Microsoft Power Bi and help their customers to get business insight using advanced technology tools and expertise.
Incentives Solutions
Incentives Solutions IT/Communicatie
Incentives Solutions enables companies to leverage their incentives budgets by streamlining the incentives pay process and providing the tools to accelerate employee performance count as leading player in the global SPM market. With a 19-year successful track record and award-winning solutions.
Layline Tech
Layline Tech IT/Communicatie
Layline Tech was founded on 2015 by business and technology professionals empowered by creative technology experts.
With 30 years of experience in management of technology and business, leading technology transformation projects in large enterprises in retail, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and telecom, our “lesson learnt” leads us to find simple and agile solutions offered to our clients.