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Vertrouwd door miljoenen wereldwijd

BAC SARL Financiën/Verzekering
BAC SARL fournit des services d’assurances et de mutuelle de santé. MEDIC-ALLIANCE a
été créé en 2014 avec l’objectif d’offrir aux entreprises du Katanga un service adapté aux
conditions locales. Depuis sa création, MEDIC-ALLIANCE connaît une croissance constante
du nombre de ses clients et personnes couvertes.
En optant pour Odoo Entreprise, BAC SARL bénéficie d’une meilleure visibilité et un suivi
simplifié de sa comptabilité et de ses finances. De plus, les développements spécifiques
réalisés ont permis d’y intégrer ses processus métiers. Ainsi,
SMICO Financiën/Verzekering
About : SMICO SA is a Congolese (DRC) microcredit company, whose head office is located in Goma. Its objective is to provide its clients with a range of credit and savings services adapted to their needs. It participates in the economic development of microentrepreneurs and the individual development of individuals.

The challenges : Optimize customer relationship management by capturing, processing and analyzing information about customers and prospects. This is done in order to improve acquisitions and build customer loyalty by offering them quality services. The objective is to make the work of sales teams more efficient by determining a framework for steering and monitoring interactions with customers.

The result : The project is still ongoing... We look forward to updating the results!

The solution : A centralized CRM that allows us to easily track defaulted borrowers, follow the prospecting of potential customers, track inactive customers, do marketing campaigns via email and SMS. Also to have a centralized helpdesk tool to easily register all complaints, track phases and report on them.

Main modules: CRM, Email marketing, Documents, Social marketing and Helpdesk.
Trust Merchant Bank S.A.
Trust Merchant Bank S.A. Financiën/Verzekering
MB is the DRC's home grown universal bank. Our mission is to help people achieve their ambitions, enabling individuals, businesses, and communities to grow.