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Daamah Groothandel/Retail
شركة الدعامة متخصصون في استيراد و بيع الادوات الصحية منذ ١٩٧٦م
We Are Suppliers Of Building Materials Since 1976
Dalba Group
Dalba Group Productie
Saudi economy has been hugely improved in all careers; agriculture, trading and industries. Our group (Dalba Group) is the one which should share in the economical improvement to provide the society surrounded and to get the advantages of the new wave of high technology. And our group provides has many activities; so if we take a look in the agricultural career we will find that one of our group produces the most important vegetables which are necessary for feeding the local market and produces also kinds of animal foods which is rich in the most important healthy materials and vitamins improving the animal wealth. In the industrial career our group has factories for producing thermo insulation materials and packing materials by the co-operation with SABIC company which feeding our factories with the raw materials which are environment friendly materials. In the constructions career as well our group providing the concern companies with the raw materials for the constructions such as blocks, interlock and many other kinds of concrete products. Also, our group shares in providing of water resources by drilling the wells with variant depths by depending on the most new high technology drilling experiences and equipments from the most famous suppliers in the world which have an ISOO registration to give the best quality. In the trading career as well our group considered as one of the agents for the biggest companies in the world.

All of that above makes our group (Dalba Group) to be a pioneer in the most important economical careers.
Dear Son - KSA
Dear Son - KSA Productie
Dear Son Uniform consists of a factory and shops, the company was established in 2006 under our mother company, Siddiq Farsi Holding Co. which was established in 1978 and currently operating many development and investment companies.
Dear Son is specialized in producing clothes and uniforms for big organizations in KSA. Our portfolio includes companies, hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, universities, and colleges.
We are well-known for our high quality service which is summarized in delivery of the promised quality at the promised time to any location at the KSA.
Deepsa Constructie
Construction project management, engineering and technical activities related to the specialization of all branches of engineering, research and development in engineering and technology.
Diamond Metallic
Diamond Metallic
Diamond Metallic is a company which specialize in Automotive restoration services.
Digital Cash Services
Digital Cash Services Financiën/Verzekering
Digital Cash Services

Digital Cash International company is a Saudi company has an exclusive right in GCC countries for Digital Cash for information technology Ltd. A Jordanian company who owns and operates a “Digital Banking-as-a-Service” through ubiquitous, omnipresent end to end Digital money eco system fully developed and owned by the company.
District Compound
District Compound Ontroerend goed
شركة سعودية متخصصة في الايجارات و الصيانة
Domathah Trading & Construction
Domathah Trading & Construction Constructie
Domathah Trading and Contracting is a Saudi company, located in Riyadh, was established specializing in Civil Contracting, got expansion afterwards to include electrical and mechanical works too. Domathah brings together the best design and construction methodologies that the world has to offer. Equipped with the technical and organizational efficiencies needed to help construction companies fulfill their ambitious requirements.
Dova Industry Factory
Dova Industry Factory Productie
Dova is a full-service plastics fabrication company offering a range of plastic materials and accessories for all your needs, made for hotels, restaurants and companies, and other industrial sectors, provide high-quality Plastic packaging solutions.
EMDAD Distribution LTD. Company
EMDAD Distribution LTD. Company Voeding
EMDAD is a Company of trading, distributing and marketing food and non-food products within Saudi market. EMDAD imports food and non-food products to be distributed within the Saudi Market through its own distribution arm.
ERP-Bank IT/Communicatie

Dammam +966 598 872 296
Riyadh +966 59 400 33 83
Jubail +966 59 88 722 96
Jeddah +966 59 40 03 383
Ahsa +966 59 887 2296
Khobar +966 5 94 00 33 83

ERP-Bank, is a world-class software solutions company that specializes in providing leading-edge Enterprise Business Solutions such as ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, eCommerce, and more.

Eastern Yields
Eastern Yields Financiën/Verzekering
It is one of Al-Tamimi Holding Group, an investment company that aims to finance small companies with the purpose of expansion and growth as well as to benefit from its accumulated experiences in the investment and operation to improve the performance of companies in its investment portfolios.