We give a 5k bonus to our new developers!

Yesterday, we started a new recruitment incentive:

Every developer who joins Odoo Belgium gets a welcome bonus of 5.000 €, no strings attached. This should last at least until the end of September 2020.

So "where is the catch?" you may ask. There is simply none. Whenever you start working at Odoo R&D offices - which are lovely renovated farms - you receive your bonus without any condition.

We believe that money is not the reason why people join Odoo and stay working with us. Instead, they stay because of the work environment, smart colleagues, the high technology, a flat hierarchy, and the possibility of evolution. It's not just words; numbers tell the same story: 98% annual retention rate amongst developers and 38% of the people who left Odoo reapplied within the next two years.

Odoo's perspective

Millions of users use our software, and our competitors are quite big players (Microsoft, SAP, etc.). Although we have more than 1000 employees worldwide, we are still a small team compared to them.

Our strength is that we invest in the best developers there are. (including you? :-) ) Our team might be "small," but in terms of quality and efficiency, it equals to none! With our business growing fast - real fast - we do all we can to keep recruiting more and more good developers. A 5k incentive bonus is how we decided to attract our future colleagues.

Employee's perspective

You may already work for a company or look for your first job as a developer. Either way, deciding to join Odoo is a big deal and is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. We know we have a great workplace, but only you can see it for yourself, and you won't know for sure before you've joined us.

5.000 € may be an excellent incentive to take the plunge and limit the risks. Speaking of money, we offer our developers a really good salary. Once again, if you prefer when numbers tell the story, why not try our Salary Configurator on our Jobs page?

In short, we want our farms in Grand-Rosière to be the paradise of developers in Belgium :-)​

A few questions people keep asking us:

  1. What about the 5k? Net or gross? Gross.

  2. When will I receive 5k? When you start.

  3. What about foreign developers? Our HR team will help you with everything related to administration.

  4. When is this offer only available? It started on July 16, 2020 and should last until the end of September. But, to be honest, we don't know when we will stop it.

  5. Why just developers? Developers are in high demand in Belgium, as we struggle to recruit them; this is our solution.

  6. What will be the recruitment like? Our process is one of the fastest. You apply, we send you a test to take at home (1h), we invite you for a face to face interview (3hrs). All in all, it often takes less than a week from CV to offer.

  7. If I master Python but not JavaScript, can I apply? Yeeees! If you don't master Python or JavaScript yet, still apply. You can take the tests in your language of choice.

  8. What is your tech stack? Python, JS, PostgreSQL, Github, Nginx...

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