Odoo's new education platform

Teachers can easily share their database

It has already been three years now that Odoo has launched a free Odoo Online access for academic purposes! 

Many education professionals in fields like Business Management, Accounting, Human Resources and much more, are looking for a business software to support their courses. Using an external software such as Odoo is a great opportunity for the future workers to understand key company processes, and become more familiar with the concept of ERP and other business management tools. How many newbies on the labor market have no idea of what an ERP or a business solution is?

So far, +300 teachers and professors worldwide are using Odoo Online for their courses. Still, this figure doesn't take into account the numerous classes that are given on Odoo On-premise of which we are not always aware. 

Unlimited Database and Unlimited Users

With Odoo Education Program, teachers can create as many databases they need (one per student, or one per group of students for example), the only limit being a validity of 10 months. Obviously this is only for education purposes, subscribed by a valid school or university member.

But this wasn't enough. Some teachers experienced some difficulties. For instance, some prepared their courses with particular data, so they had to configure the database before sharing it with their students. These databases were also limited to 10 months. Therefore, due to this "time limit", these teachers had to re-enter their whole data every year for their new classes. In order to help them to easily share and keep their databases for their courses year after year, Odoo has created the Education Platform.

The new Education Platform

Now with the platform, the teachers can choose to make their database public and publish it on the platform. Once a teacher choose to do so, a copy of their existing database is published on the platform. This copy doesn't have a limited time and can easily be found by the students thanks to a search filter. This not only means that the teacher doesn't have to re-create the database every year, but also that the course is public and anybody interested in taking the course can start by using the teachers' database, in a true, "open source" community spirit.

As simple as Odoo  

We like to make things simple at Odoo, this is the reason why we decided to change the registration process for teachers.
Now, the access to the education program is available right now to all the teachers by just following the Education guidelines on the Education page

Discover the testimonials of two teachers using Odoo: Fabienne Bauduin from EPHEC in Belgium and Fernando de la Mata from the Salesian Santo Domingo College in Spain.


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