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Page Break Issue On Custom Cheque Page in Odoo 10 Qweb PDF Report

- 2019년 07월 05일 09시 34분 23초
Hello Community,

I have faced some of the issue page break in Qweb report in last few days. I am trying to print my Qweb report for Cheque format and single Qweb page divided into 3 different sections

Section 1 : Displaying invoice list details
Section 2 : Bank details and amount which we will pay to our owner/tenant in MICR FONT 13B FONT
Section 3 : Displaying invoice list details

section 1 & 3 are the common and displaying the same invoices details into both of the sections and about the section2 will change as per the different amount which we will pay to owner/tenant.

Expected Result :

I have 23 invoice details are attached it into single cheque then I want to bifurcate my invoice details into different slot

sloat 1 : Display first 10 invoice details into first page
sloat 2 : Display next 10 invoice details into second page 
sloat 3 : Display remaning 3 invoice details into third page 

I want to bifurcate my invoice details into different sloat wise page if the total number of invoices are more than 10 lines

What I have tried from my side ?

Attempt 1 : Using counter variable and update the counter through iterating the loop and break it when 10 is reach divide by 0 Applied this code inside into loping

<t t-set="count" t-value="count+1" />
    <t t-if="count%10== 0">
         <div style="page-break-after:auto;"/> 

Attempt 2:

<span t-esc="line_index+1"/> 
<t t-if="line_index+1%10 ==0"> 
    <div style="page-break-inside:auto !important;"> 

Same Issue I have posted over the  stackoverflow community.

Thank you !!


Dasadiya Chaitanya
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