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Re: Trying to embed xterm.js as Odoo widget

- 2017년 05월 16일 04시 18분 13초
Thanks Juergen for your proposal.
But I need more control over terminal access.
Different Odoo roles will have different set of console commands.
So when Odoo app and Xterm app will be in different frames I guess it will be more complex to achive.
I think the idea with click on tab to open xterm and destroy it when tab is hidden shoud work.
Anyway thanks for proposal!


On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 12:20 AM, Juergen Kienhoefer <> wrote:
I did something very similar without the need of creating code. Our Web app runs in an iframe.
So, I just edit the page, and add an "embed video", which I used just a link to a static "image"
in my own "empty" module for Odoo. 
This would be the link for the "iframe video" I used: /aircable_images/static/app/preview.html
which contains the code for the app. Nicely the app then runs in the picture area of block structure.
The "aircable_images" is the name for my module, just to provide access to the files.
It may be not perfect, and I still have issues with the sizing, but at least it works.
Source code for the app is here: