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v10: Creating Transfers to replenish stock (move it, not purchase it).

Ray Carnes
- 2017년 11월 20일 17시 18분 55초

In warehouse with primary, secondary and bulk stock locations:


P – Primary

S – Secondary

B – Bulk

Single Bottles of Beer

Six Packs of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Partial Pallets of Beer

Full Pallets of Beer

Replenished by moving Cartons from Location S

Replenished by moving Full Pallets from B

Replenished by purchasing more stock via Vendor PO’s.


Is there a way to configure Odoo with Procurement/Push Routes/Routes/Reordering rules to create transfers from:


S to P (when P is low)?

B to S (when S is low)?


All locations are in the same warehouse.


Any ideas, modules, examples, etc greatly appreciated.



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