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How to schedule procurement as late as possible?

Bohdan Lisnenko
- 2015년 06월 21일 06시 38분 20초

I'm trying to simulate real life situation of construction business in Odoo v8.

There is a plan of products demand.

For example we have to move 100 units of Product A from WH to Construction location once a month for entire year. Product A is stockable MTO.

So I've created 12 internal moves with scheduled date 1st day of each month 100 units of Product A from Stock to Construction virtual location.

I'm expecting to see 12 purchase orders of Product A to fulfill stock with due date 1st day of a month - supplier lead time.

But I'm getting 1 PO with 1200 units of Product A with today's date.

I see that Odoo is expecting model where purchase is triggered by sale order and trying to fulfill stock as soon as possible. But we are doing it other way.

So I'm curious is there a way to configure Odoo to suit my needs?
I know there is frepple connector but it is an overkill for such simple task.
All requirement is to make scheduler to take into account stock move's scheduled date.