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Re: Hello Dear,

Open Net Sàrl, Jean-Marc Vandel
- 2014년 09월 21일 04시 16분 12초
  1. This is phishing!!! Never answer it! :-(
  2. Please don't reply to the list if it is not of general interest or for education (like in this case)
  3. Could some admin ban this Simon from all Odoo mailing-lists?
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I am really interested in this.I am a person who really likes OpenERP and planning to get the partnership but struggling with funds. Can you please let me know some more details?
Thank you
Asanga Kandegama
Eaksha Holdings (Private) Limited
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Hello Dear,
This email is strictly soliciting for your interest in partnering with me for a huge investment of
sixty million dollars in your country. If you are interested kindly respond with an urgent reply to
this email. You will be contacted shortly with further details after I have received your response.

Best Regards,

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    Hello Dear,

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