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Re: HR-Module in Germany

ahmad safi
- 2017년 05월 06일 08시 30분 15초

Hello Mr. Gomes,

Point 1:
If you send to me your requirements for HR module i can create module to manage that  

Point 2:

give more details about what you and your client want 


From: Bruno Gomes <>
Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 12:05 AM
To: Community: Human Resources
Subject: HR-Module in Germany
Dear Odoo community.

We (bloopark GmbH) are starting to set up the HR-Module for a German company. We already integrate several other modules such as Sales, Purchase, Accounting and so on.

We are struggling in 2 points:

1. Odoo module
We are wondering if someone has already customised employee tax parameters, salary structure and monthly payslip template for the German market. So far we could not find any code or module which could help us.
Any direction is highly appreciated.

2. Intranet
Did someone already integrated intranet in Odoo? 
It is still an open topic, but the client asked what Odoo could offer related to Intranet.
Did someone already integrated another software which supports functionality of an intranet or did someone developed a module related to that?

Greetings from Magdeburg.
Bruno Gomes

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