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Re: Odoo 8.0: project_long_term no longer supported

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 2014년 09월 30일 13시 52분 52초

@raphaël It's same question than always. It's not so easy adapting old modules to new conventions and rules but on the other side nice modulea are going to stay in old version if task is not done.
Why not trying to extract a list of modules on this status and proposing to OCA a crowdfunding project to migrate/adapt/finish/recover their valid funtionality?

Would people be interested on first build the list of wanted modules, discuss about their functionality, recover requirements for v8 and launch a project?
Just an idea. Could it be?

El 30/09/2014 18:42, "Raphaël Valyi" <> escribió:

this is a good question indeed. Now some modules have been abandoned because they were only immature POC done overnight for some ephemeral "wow effect" and (like at least half of project_long_term) and this may be a reason active community members have no illusion about them (it doesn't mean some parts cannot be saved).

Now IMHO, a good question people should ask themselves is "how do I avoid this in the future?". And here I think people will not avoid the question of analyzing module quality regardless of their origin. And IMHO is holds true for a whole lot of new v8 modules. You will be warned.


On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Lionel Sausin <> wrote:
I've been asking about this and other abandoned modules lately, but no-one seems interested in maintaining any of them in the community for the moment.


Le 30/09/2014 12:24, Pigeon a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

We have a project using project_long_term module. As you know, it is no longer supported by Odoo.

Is there any alternative in the community ?

Should I :
   - create a new project "project_phase" (inspired by project_long_term but more simple) ?
   - integrate some features of project_long_term in an existing module ?
We mainly need the concept of phase within a project.

Thanks for your answers,

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