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New Mailing Lists Organisation

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 2017년 12월 04일 11시 15분 31초


As announced a few weeks ago, we have finalised our Code of Conduct for our mailing lists.
Thank you to every one who made comments and helped us to review this document.

It is available at

The new mailing list structure is now the following:

New lists:

- Announcements: Announcements about new features, modules (open source or not), or documentation.
- Functional Questions: End user questions about how to use features, or the existence of features.
- Meta: Discussions about Odoo SA, software editions, community processes and organisation.

Renamed (previous subscriptions kept):

- Expert Finance becomes Accounting and Localization
- Expert Framework becomes Technical


- Community (this list)
- Expert Sales
- Expert Website
- Expert Inventory
- Expert HR
- Ambassadors

All these new lists, as well as archived ones, can be read and accessed at

Hopefully this new structure will allow to maintain the quality of the discussions and avoid all messages to be centralised in one mailing list.