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Help needed for the Odoo Community Association Wikipedia article

Daniel Reis
- 2017년 12월 01일 10시 49분 25초
Hello everyone,

Odoo is a notable topic, that has reached visibility and importance both in the ERP market and in the Open Source world.

The OCA is a non profit organization that plays a key role in the Odoo ecosystem, not only by promoting product adoption, but also by fostering and supporting the open source community around it.

So, I believe that it has enough relevance and notability to be worthy of a Wikipedia article.

I have been talking with Stuart Mackintosh, from OpusVL, who has been working on the draft of this article. You can find it at:

Right now Wikipedia reviewers feel that the article does not comply with the Wikipedia criteria, has been rejected, and will probably be deleted soon.

We need your help to improve the article to match the Wikipedia standards. If any of you has experience working on the Wikipedia, that would probably be an awesome help.

Thank you.

Daniel Reis

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