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Re: Odoo 11 Enterprise price 5x increased !

Gosset Moncada
- 2017년 10월 18일 03시 45분 46초
After some years reading a lot of garbage in this mailing list... This is worthwhile...

Thanks Harri.

From: Harri Hokkanen
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 11:45 AM
Subject: Odoo 11 Enterprise price 5x increased !
To: Community

This flame wars is like betweek Gnome and KDE ages ago... or emacs and vim. We have used Odoo since OpenERP 6. We have been on Linux and open source since 1996. The level of communication is not suitable for open source community. On the other hand Odoo SA. has never understood the spirit of open source. It has gone the same way what EU governance and Brüssel thinks. They believe that they are the center of the world but not in this world. Communications with Odoo SA have been arrogant reply's or non sence at all. If you look how Catalan and Spanish companies are embracing open source and supporting development. We have tried SAP with hefty bill and slim results. Have you followed what happened to SugarCRM and its CE version. Now we have excellent SuiteCRM. We had Sun and after Oracles buly takeover open source community prevailed. We have Fedora with more functionality than you need (Uduntu as a base shows just developers Window$ childhood) and then you have RedHat Enterprise with excellent support on high cost. But you have CentOS with same features but with no support. We have Alfresco, Pentaho and ProView as real business applications. And the companies behind them are really big companies. So; Odoo SA, take your head out of your a.....!!! The point is that Odoo SA does not understand how to make business in open source landscape and think they are big company. Well, how do you compare to RedHat??? We are moving away from Odoo. This kind of company with this kind of community is does not belong open source community. This is nothing new and will happen again. -- Harri Hokkanen Chief of Business Development Crefisol Nordic Oy Korpelantie 112 16610 Kärkölä Finland Tel: +358102313200
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