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Re: Using Community Addon - Odoo Partnership Questions

twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 2017년 08월 31일 08시 37분 49초

On 8/31/17 2:20 PM, Benoît Vézina wrote:
> No legal issue, you can install and use any module you want.  There is
> only technical issue (i.e. oca contract vs enterprise recurring
> document, admin backend theme, no need to install oca barcode as
> barcode are in enterprise, ect...)
> Benoît Vézina
Sorry, that's simply not true.

First of all, as long as there is no contradictory regulation in the
partnership contract, what I assume, you can install whatever you want,
also the community edition, without breaking the partnership.


If you want to combine proprietary licensed modules with other modules,
you have to follow the license rules. For example you are not allowed to
combine proprietary modules (for example the enterprise edition) with
modules licensed under AGPL, see

Cheers, trevi

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