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Re: account_period on v9 community

Elico Solutions Pte Ltd, dominique kon sun tack
- 2016년 08월 30일 12시 22분 15초

You cannot merge/split accounts in odoo.
>From an accounting point if view, you should not split/merge accounts.
If you need to do so, create a new account, and put journal entries to transfer the balance.

On Aug 30, 2016 23:35, "Dominique Chabord" <> wrote:
2016-08-30 17:03 GMT+02:00 Dominique KON SUN TACK
> Chart of accounts do change. But you cannot (should not) merge, or split
> accounts.

I can or I cannot ?

> >From accounting point of view, you cannot change the past.

I'm not talking about changing the past

> You can nonetheless create new accounts, and de activate unused ones
This answer is not about split and merge.

The reason why splitting an existing account is mainly legal. It may
be mandatory at the opening of a new fiscal year.

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