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Introducing Clouder, use Odoo to manage your opensource infrastructure

- 2015년 04월 30일 21시 36분 09초
Hello everyone,

Following my previous announcement on the subject last summer (, I'd like to inform you that the development of the core is now finished and ready to use.

The project has been renamed into Clouder. For thoses you don't know what it is, it is a suite of Odoo modules which connect to your server to deploy applications and maintain them in a professional way. The goal is to build an ecosystem which will be flexible and complete enough to be used by hosting companies but also simple enough so any people with basic technical knowledge can use it to deploy his personal infrastructure, for him and his friends.

I'll not explain the product and the vision here in details, if you want to know more I invite you to read the following sites :

Just one word about the Odoo hosting. Currently, not counting the components like Bind, Shinken, Postfix, Postgres etc... we can use Clouder to host Wordpress, Drupal and of course Odoo. The module for Odoo is especially very complete because I use it to manage the Odoo and Clouder instances of my customers.
With Clouder you can easily support packages and verticalizations, for example you can create an application named Odoo for Hotels, specify the module needed (official or community) and Clouder will build an archive with all the needed modules. Then when a customer ask for a deployment of this application, a new database will be created and the specified modules will be automatically installed. Clouder itself is nothing more that a verticalization of Odoo, and you can use a Clouder to host other Clouders.

I think this will greatly help the integrators who know which modules / localizations are needed for each business sector, want to build packages around it and deploy them automatically when customer fill the form on their website. This is a great opportunity to standardize the way we host Odoo, and I hope many other applications.

If you find this project interesting, please join the mailing list on and follow it on github

I'll be at Odoo Experience in June if you have questions or want to meet me. Unfortunately there was no place left for a conference.

Thanks you for your attention, and see you soon.
Yannick Buron
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