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"Owner On Stock" - where to enter owner_id?

gunnar wagner
- 2015년 03월 26일 21시 54분 03초
I want to use the "Manage Owner On Stock" funcionality in 8.0 but can't quite figure out how to access a key ingredient ... owner_id (which links a quant to a partner)
I came across it in read-only version in the form view of Quants only so far. So, where can the entry be made?
In >Settings >Database Structure >Fields I can find several read-write editions for this filed ('Packing Operation', 'Packing wizard items', or 'Picking List') but couldn't figure out where to actually access them
I have read and several posts in the help forum already and picked up some terms like 'Picking List', 'Serial Number' or 'Reserved Quants' while trying to figure that out but that didn't get me to the thing yet
... where is an actual value for owner_id being entered?

"Track lots or serial numbers" & "Manage owner on stock" are checked in >Settings >Warehouse >Traceability

Any pointers would be welcomed.

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