Can't import variants due to error on Attribute


I'm experimenting with the import process and trying to import the Reference Code for some product variants. When I export I'm ticking the box to set it up for reimport. I put in the Reference Code and try to import.

Then I get errors that read: No matching record found for name 'Finish: Gloss' in field 'Attribute Values' at row 2 (Yet Another Product w/ Variants)

I also tried not importing that column but that just ended up importing a duplicate set of variants except that they were missing the most the import part: the attribute.

What's the correct way to do this?

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Until V12, I was able to create new variants (product.product) by importing them via excel and mentionning the attribute value(s). Since V13, I can't make it work anymore.

So, what I do now, is to define the product attribute with "variation creation mode" = instantly.

Like this, when I import my product.template, all the variants are automatically created.

I then export the variants in excel, with the attribute values, and in excel, using VLOOKUP's, I fill in extra data (like you: default_code, sellprice, costprice, weight, barcode, etc).

I do not add a column in the excel with the attribute value. So, in your example, I would remove the column D.

To disable the variants that were generated but that do not really exist, I import via excel the field active = false.

Finally, I observed that importing the default_code on the variants empties the default_code on the product.template. So, after importing the variants, I re-import only the default_code on the templates.

I hope this explanation helps you.