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Anas Taji

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Anas Taji
13. 2. 24. 오전 2:11

You should uninstall both of them, and when you reinstall a newer version make sure not to check Postgres as it should work just fine, but you may want to create new database if you are a tester.

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오전 9:23

Is there a preferred order in which to uninstall them?

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오전 9:28

I uninstalled the item "OpenERP 7.0" and then tried to uninstall "OpenERP Server 7.0-20130130-000102" but got the error message "An error occured while trying to remove (...). It may already have been uninstalled. Would you like to remove (...) from the Add or Remove programs list?". I clicked OK. This seems like a bug to me. If the uninstall process of one also includes the other then OpenERP isn't registering in Win7 properly the status of its installation. I clicked "Yes" but then got another error message "You do not have sufficient access to remove (...) from the Add or Remove...

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오전 9:51

After the uninstall of the old and then the install of the new and reboot, I get an error message after the login: OpenERP Server Error (...) TypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable. Then I click Ok. Then, at the top of the login screen, there's the message "Invalid username or password". I re-enter the login and then get a different error message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of null. http://localhost:8069/web/webclient/js:3196". I click Ok. Then I'm logged in. Then I click Manafacturing and I get an error message "OpenERP Server Error. (...) AttributeError...

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오전 9:52

(cont'd) error message "OpenERP Server Error. (...) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'fields_view_get'. In all my months of experimenting with OpenERP, both v6.1 and v7, I don't think I've ever successfully updated by uninstalling / installing. I always end up with a broken unusable OpenERP. I think there's something fundamentally wrong in the install or uninstall.

Smart Way Business Solutions, Anas Taji
13. 2. 24. 오후 2:14

I forgot to mention the order, as you have to remove "OpenERP Server 7.0-20130130-000102" then "OpenERP 7.0", also it is a good idea to reinstall the newer version inside the same old folder "C:\Program Files\openERP 7.0", as it already contains the Postgres database program.

About the errors, try to create a new database and see if they still exist.

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오후 3:03

After an uninstall, I installed into the folder where Postgres is located, an old OpenERP folder. I got the same errors at login and afterwards using my existing database. I created a new database and got no errors. Since this puts me in a position of not re-using my old database, I wouldn't call this an update. ;) I'm very concerned that errors would exist when dealing with one (old) database but not the other (new) database. Isn't that a symptom of a serious deep bug?

Smart Way Business Solutions, Anas Taji
13. 2. 24. 오후 3:51

I faced the same errors once, and I THINK this is because of the rapid development at the current time. but I highly recommend you to use openERP under Ubuntu if this is an option, as I never had the same case there.

One last note, you may need to reinstall the modules that were installed and used in the old database, as newly installed openERP version comes with no modules in the addons folder, this might be the case my friend..

To do so, you need to create a new database and install all the modules needed for the old database, then try to login to the old one again.

Smart Way Business Solutions, Anas Taji
13. 2. 24. 오후 4:01

As openERP needs to download the needed modules once per installation.

Please, give a feed back after trying this option..


Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오후 4:27

I logged into the old database. In Settings/Apps the same apps are marked installed as before. I'm getting a lot of error messages. In Settings/Updates, there were 9. If the new install does not include modules that were downloaded during the configuration of the old database then OpenERP is showing me apps as installed while the actual files for the modules are not present. I propose that the answer to the stated question be changed to "It is not possible at this time to update OpenERP (v7) under Windows by uninstalling the old and then installing the new version. Expert required."

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오후 4:33

I created a new database and launched the install of a module needed in the old database. I got a "Server Error". I don't see why a new database would be affected by what was done previously.

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오후 5:13

I've been performing this tests under Virtualbox. I did a clean install of v7 2013-01. I then did an install of v7 2013-02-24, over the previous installation. No error messages. This is the only instance of a successful update of v7 on Windows. I will write an answer accordingly.


Gilles Lehoux

--Gilles Lehoux--

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St-Eustache, Canada
--Gilles Lehoux--

Gilles Lehoux
13. 2. 24. 오후 5:22

Assuming you've installed a nightly build of v7, and assuming that the module update mechanism within OpenERP isn't solving your problem, then switching to a newer nightly build could be the only way out.

Do not uninstall. We will overwrite the old with the new.

Download the newer nightly build installer. Stop the OpenERP service. Start the installer. When it comes time to select the folder where to install, select the same folder as your existing installation. Be careful, the installer is configured to append a new folder name to the folder you select. You must make sure that only the name of the existing installation folder is written out, no more, no less.

Do not uninstall the old and then install the new. This will break your environment and be almost impossible to recover from.

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