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Mohamed Magdy Egypt
14. 6. 2. 오전 2:17

I wish this may help you:

    <field name="test" nolabel="1" context="{'default_product_id': active_id, 'default_only_with_stock': True}">


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Cyrus Waithaka Kenya
15. 11. 21. 오후 6:28

This worked like a charm. adding default_ before the field name eg default_product_id instead of product_id. Same can also be used to pass context in "create and edit" pop up as seen in the hr_expense.view_expenses_form view where groups_ref fields are set by context. if you try to create a new user from the expense form, some access right groups are automatically set.

DNTQ Vietnam
13. 4. 2. 오전 7:33

Pls. try with line <field name="test" nolabel="1" context="{'product_id': active_id, 'only_with_stock': True}" options="{"always_reload": True}">

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Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 7:39

sorry, no difference...


Stefan Reisich Germany

--Stefan Reisich--
Rove.design GmbH
| 7 7 10
Pfungstadt, Germany
--Stefan Reisich--

Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 5. 오전 11:21

I have found the solution. The right way is indeed:

<field name="test" nolabel="1" context="{'product_id': active_id, 'only_with_stock': True}">

but there is a bug in OpenERP 7. The context is not passed. The bug is fixed and needs to be released. You can see and follow the fix here:


On this page you can see the modifications and fix it youself until the oficial fix is released.

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Sathors Ecuador
14. 9. 5. 오후 12:55

I have tried to download this branch and use it as my web folder, updated all the modules of my database, but it doesn't resolve the problem... Am I supposed to install all of OpenERP once more ?


Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아

--Andreas Brueckl--

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Vienna, 오스트리아
--Andreas Brueckl--
OpenERP Consulting and Development
Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아
13. 3. 29. 오전 4:21

With the line

<field name="test" nolabel="1" context="{'product_id': id, 'only_with_stock': True}">

you try to set the "product_id" to id. In this case the field id must be part of your view. Try to add an invisible field with the id:

<field name="id" invisible="1"/>
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Cyril Gaspard (GEM) France
13. 3. 29. 오전 10:05

Hi, you can use active_id instead of id, with active_id, no need to add a field id invisible. Bye

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 3. 30. 오후 2:54

both not working... :-(

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 4:31

I thought id was right because id is given in the URL...

Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:05

Strange, the view is correct, since I saw this also in the account-addon. The problem must be in the function. You should remove method=True from the definition since this was only for v6.0. what is the value of the context within your function?

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:18

my function test is working well. It has the product_id in the context. The problem is the context is not passed to the fields <field name="stock_real"/> and <field name="stock_virtual"/>.

Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:21

try to remove method=True. Please update your question, because there you are using the field "test" and not "stock_real"

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:33

I'm sorry, I have tested it again. My function test don't get's the product_id passed in the context too. As you can see above the product_id is added to the context from ids. So the search in my function test is working well but because the product_id is not passed from <field name="test" nolabel="1" context="{'product_id': id( or active_id), 'only_with_stock': True}">, the sub fields <field name="stock_real"/> and <field name="stock_virtual"/> don't has the product_id in their context...

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:38

method=True removed. Has no effect too... :-(

Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:39

Ok. I would just try <field name="stock_real" context="{'product_id': parent.id}"/>

Rove.design GmbH, Stefan Reisich Germany
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:46

no, don't work too. I even have tried <field name="stock_real" context="{'product_id': 49}"/> with no effect...

Andreas Brueckl 오스트리아
13. 4. 2. 오전 6:56

Then I do not have any ideas. Maybe it is not possible in that special case where the fields of one2many objects are also function fields which require the context

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