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Diesel Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd
Diesel Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd 도매/소매
Diesel Heavy Equipment Company is the exclusive dealer of JCB Machinery in Sudan. JCB is one of the major manufacturers for heavy machinery in the world.
Diesel has been established in 2005, aiming to supply market with best and most modern machines, achieving client’s needs, being the first option of clients for heavy machinery in this field
Ease Group
Ease Group IT/커뮤니케이션
In a world where everything is moving into digital, we don’t want you to stay behind. Ease Group is a leading Sudanese company in digital transformation, dedicated to move businesses into digital world.
It’s not just about moving digital, it’s about improving your business and the way you manage your business operations. We are bringing tomorrow at your doorstep. With a team of techno-functional professionals, Ease Group is a provider of Odoo services at efficient level. Working with Odoo standard functionalities and modules to customize and develop new modules from scratch in efficient way to make sure the software meets all your business needs. Our solid background in business analysis, development and project management, we will work closely with you to analyze your needs and help in perfecting your processes, and sculpting the best Odoo implementation for your business. That, along with a variety of after sale service packages to support your staff.
El Sayed Bakeries
El Sayed Bakeries 음식
AL Sayed Bakeries established in 2014
AL Sayed Bakeries produces the wonderful La Fresh product range.Starting from freshly baked croissants, the most delicious cakes in Sudan and a growing portfolio of flour based products. AL Sayed Bakeries has made an effort to customize its products to local preferences.
Franco Pinto Smart Solutions Co.Ltd.
Franco Pinto Smart Solutions Co.Ltd. IT/커뮤니케이션
The company was established in 1958 by a group of Sudanese & Italian business men. In 1970, the name was changed to “Khor-Omer” Company when President Nimeiry nationalized all foreign companies, and then it reverted to its original name in 1974.

With their considerable experience, knowledge, expertise & vision, the company decided that Office Automation & IT was the area to concentrate on to cater for the market demands. At that time & five decades later the company is aggressively taking advantage of the revolution that has taken place in their field of endeavor. We are proud of the fact that we were the first supplier of our kind to serve & maintain more than 200 customers, commercial banks, enterprise, government, private companies, universities and organizations. Our company, is therefore, well known in the entire banking, corporate & Government sectors. Dedicated to supplying quality products backed by prompt after sales service, has gone hand in hand with our increasing presence & reputation in the market.
GSK Advanced Businesses
GSK Advanced Businesses 기타 서비스
GSK Advanced Businesses its holding company with three subsidiaries in different sectors (Construction, Information Technology and Medicine)
Go 운송
Car Booking App
Ride Hailing App
Stay on the GO on-demand
Golden Square Group
Golden Square Group 에너지 공급
Golden Square Group is one of the most prominent companies in Sudan, with a stable 10% benefit growth average every year. One of the strengths of Golden Square Group is its ability to predict deep structural fluctuations affecting Sudan, both economically and politically, and the Group understood the importance of a strong foundation for its companies in order to face the difficult times ahead and to remain a key market player.

"With 320 key employees and revenue of 13 million dollars between 2013 and 2017, Golden Square Group is a market leader in Sudan in fields of Power industry and solutions , Industrial construction , ICT solutions and medical services.
Goodi 제조
Goodi Factory for Manufacturing Dairy Products

It is a factory specialized in the manufacture of dairy products and its derivatives (Mozzarella cheese, Butter, Ghee, Yoghurt, etc.) And it was established in August 2013) with a license holder No. 604 / Industrial / 2013 issued by the Investment Commission is located in Industrial Area-albagir. The company believes that its responsibilities extend far beyond the production and marketing of high quality food products. It is always aimed at integrating growth at all levels. This is the main motive for continuous renewal in both existing products, new products and infrastructure.
One of the main customers of the factory (Al Salam Rotana Hotel , Debonairs Restaurants chain, Italy Pizza Restaurants chain and many other prominent restaurants in the capital)
Green Food Processing Industries
Green Food Processing Industries 제조
Green Food for processing Industries is an old dream that found its way out to reality in 2014. Green Food is part of an integrate chain of business that in both “ Long Term and short term “ will enhance and enrich the base of an economy of agriculture . Green Food is a huge project that holds an investment of almost 12 Million $ with a unique business case in terms of production processing capacity for sunflower , ground nut and Soy Beans seeds. Green food is capable of processing 300 MT of SF per day and producing more than 100 MT of Crude edible oil and more than 100 MT of de-oiled cake (DOC).
Green Sun Co. Ltd.
Green Sun Co. Ltd. 건강/사회
Green Sun Co. Ltd. Is a company that specializes in medical services. We specialize in preparing doctor clinics, providing a broad spectrum of solutions from interior design to biomedical equipment and supplies.
Hala 96
Hala 96 기타 서비스
Hala Radio 96 is a radio service that aims to improve society by presenting a programmatic map with creativity and different ideas for all groups. Hala began its actual broadcast on 15th of March 2014, with a unique programmatic map that accompanies you daily on a useful and interesting journey throughout the week. In addition to the long programs, the Hala 96 programmatic map features short programs distributed throughout the day, which are like capsules with rich content and light on various ideas and topics.
Hayan Advancded Technology Co Ltd
Hayan Advancded Technology Co Ltd 과학
Hayan Advanced Technology Co Ltd is the sole agent for KYOCERA Machines in Sudan.
IATL IntelliSoft Business Solutions Co Ltd
IATL IntelliSoft Business Solutions Co Ltd IT/커뮤니케이션
IATL IntelliSoft Business Solutions Co Ltd is the leading ERP solutions provider in Sudan. The company is built on the foundation of a merger between the highest-rated Odoo partners in Sudan. Our collective capabilities along with the efficiency of Odoo as an ERP will always ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Our motto is Stronger Together!
Collectively IATL IntelliSoft has 8 years of extensive Odoo experience with 50+ implementations across the region.
With highly trained staff, a diverse set of skills, and a clear strategy to grow, IATL IntelliSoft is considered the preferred partner for any customer who desires to implement a comprehensive ERP platform.
IATL IntelliSoft is committed to contributing to society and the environment by providing support to startups and entrepreneurs. Along with other partners, we provide new businesses with enhanced workflow using Odoo to ensure that they are on the right track of growth.
IntelliSoft - The Accounter
IntelliSoft - The Accounter 과학
The Accounter is an outsourcing accounting service provide for micro and small companies. To provide them with financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement & more).
Iskan Architects
Iskan Architects 구축
Iskan Architects, an architectural design office based in the city of Khartoum, Sudan. We offer design services with a diverse range of project types including residential, retail, commercial and Exhibition design. Iskan has a young team of talented architects and project managers with a common goal ,delivering innovative architectural design solutions to a wide range of clients.
LenoGulf Commodity
LenoGulf Commodity 제조
Leno Gulf specializes in the sifting and export of premium quality sesame seeds. Our company headquarters is in Dubai with 2 production facilities in the middle of vast and extensive Sesame cultivating regions of Nigeria & Sudan.

Both, Nigerian and Sudanese Sesame Seeds are well accepted for their excellent characteristics across the world. Due to our 25 years of experience in this field, we are capable of consistent supply, constant improvement and upgrading. This ensures us a long term relationship with our customers.

We have expertise in natural sesame procurement and cleaning, also the manufacturing of processed sesame seeds such as, hulled sesame, roasted sesame, roasted hulled sesame, sesame paste (tahini), and sesame oil.
Liberty Steel Co.
Liberty Steel Co. 제조
"Liberty Steel is a fully-integrated steel manufacturer and distributor with capabilities ranging from liquid steel production through to high-value precision-engineered products, sold around the globe.
It consists of seven specialist businesses manufacturing products such as ingots, billets, blooms, slabs, bars and narrow strip, as well as hot rolled coil, pipes and tubes, structural hollow sections, plates, de-bar, wire, rod, wind towers and T-pylons. These products are manufactured in a variety of steel grades, complying with national and international quality-certified standards as well as meeting stringent customer specifications."
MARWACO Commercial Enterprises Ltd
MARWACO Commercial Enterprises Ltd 도매/소매
MARWACO Commercial Enterprises Ltd. is one of the leading Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Suppliers, based in Khartoum – Sudan.

Since 1987 MARWACO is specialized in supplying Health Care Organizations with unique products from esteemed companies from all over the globe, and contributes to the health and welfare of people all over Sudan by supplying useful pharmaceutical products.