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The AIRGOMIG MIG welding fume extractor gun combines efficiency and ease of use. Its superior fume extraction capacity compared to similar products on the market offers welders adequate protection from toxic fumes. The system is nonporous due to the design featuring extraction holes placed a specific distance from the tip. Moreover, its ergonomic design reduced weight and ball joints offer optimum ease of use. 

AIRGOMIG helps its customers comply with all applicable industrial health, safety, and hygiene standards. An independent study has also attested that it meets the new standards for maximum manganese concentrations in welders’ breathing zones (0.02 mg/m3) even with rigorous welding parameters and changing work positions. The AIRGOMIG welding fume extractor gun is the solution for welding smoke, manganese, hexavalent chromium or ozone.   

At AIRGOMIG, we develop superior-quality products, which are made in Canada. We guarantee a reliable and long-lasting technology, as our MIG welding fume extractor guns are designed for optimum service life, thus reducing operating costs. Our product offers a standard of excellence that ensures high-quality MIG welding that is certified free of porosity, cracks, and cavities.  

The innovation lies at the heart of our corporate strategy. We invest most of our resources and time in research and development to offer our customers the best industrial technology on the market. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about our clean air welding gun.