Plementus: A Gold Partner in Under 5 Months

10 Live Projects During COVID-19

Headquarters:  Egypt

Number of employees: 15

Number of Odoo implementations:  92

Services offered: ERP, website and app development 

About Plementus

Plementus is a software development company providing integrated software systems to customers across all industries with a special focus on manufacturing, construction, e-commerce & retail. Plementus Started its operations recently in November 2019; It took them only 5 months to become one of Odoo’s Gold Partners. The unique alliance between Ibrahim Abed and Hassan Sam Arslan, was built during the first implementation of Odoo that Ibrahim provided for Hassan. Back then, Ibrahim was a freelance implementer of Odoo, well immersed in the industry, and Hassan was the co-founder of Ariika, in desperate need of an integrated software.

The Union of Two

                                                                                               Ibrahim & Hassan – Founders of Plementus

Ibrahim Abed had known Odoo since its humble beginnings, immediately hooked, he became one of our first freelancers, successfully implementing over 25 projects. He believed in Odoo’s potential and pursued a career in Odoo as a techno-functional consultant. 

“Obsession in Odoo is Key –

As the CEO of Plementus I never miss any new piece of information that Odoo is publishing, and I am constantly on the look for new tips and tricks on how to use Odoo in a more efficient manner.” 

                            – Ibrahim Abed

Hassan co-founded Ariika in 2011 as a college student in AUC. Ariika began its journey with Odoo in 2015. The company started out with a total investment of 800 USD back in 2011; however, by the end of 2016 and after using Odoo for 2 years, the company was worth 3 Million USD. By the end of 2019 Ariika was operating in 6 countries and was worth 6 Million USD.

“It was all thanks to Odoo” Co-Founder Hassan said “Without Odoo we would have never been able to run such smooth operations between all the countries.”

Manufacturing is an essential part of Ariika's workflow. Seeing the flexibility, scalability and ease of customization in Odoo, we were able to write over 85 rules in the manufacturing and inventory module, making it adapt our workflow fully. 

“I was obsessed with Odoo,” Hassan claims, “I would not be able to sleep at night without automating every single workflow in the company and the only problem I had was that I wanted to drive this great machine [Odoo] at top speed but all the partners I worked with barely accelerated, that is until I found Ibrahim Abed who later introduced me to our CTO Ramadan Khalil. Ibrahim and Ramadan took Odoo to a different level.” 

The Birth of

Charged with excitement and passion for providing high quality services, the two partners formed a union and founded Plementus at the end of 2019. Because of their quality-driven mindset and their relentless strive for excellence, Plementus has seen enormous success since then and has been growing at an exponential rate. 

Customers and partners are often found going back and forth between needs and miscommunications. However, with the unification between Hassan and Ibrahim, they were able to clear any of the typical misunderstandings that may occur during an ERP implementation project. Hassan, coming from a customer background, understands what a customer wants, and knows how to effectively communicate it to Ibrahim. Ibrahim, coming from an implementer background with years of experience, knows  when and where projects usually fail technically. This process and union, allows for customers to feel at ease during their implementation, and enjoy the process, rather than just the outcome.

In Plementus 4 strategies are always dominant: 

  1. Start with the Minimal Customization and work your way up.

  2. Assign a strong Point of Contact and train that POC well.

  3. Guarantee the project’s success by using Odoo as a communication tool between Plementus and the client. 

  4. Hire a strong team that has a strong technical background in Odoo. 

The immense success Plementus has seen lead to it being one of Odoo’s Gold Partners in a mere 5 months after it was founded. Even under the difficult conditions COVID-19 has created for both start-ups and large established companies alike, Plementus has managed to grow and have 10 live projects. 

While Plementus has clients in various fields such as education, construction, real estate and pharmaceuticals, Ahl Masr stands out as the one that hits closest to the heart. Ahl Masr is a large NGO foundation that specializes in philanthropic work particularly relating to building hospitals in Egypt to treat burn and trauma victims for free. Ahl Masr approached Plementus with a rather peculiar problem, they could not find an ERP system that met all their needs as both a hospital and a philanthropic organization. Using our software, Plementus came up with a solution that enabled them to organize their information systems. Plementus developed the CRM module and the Sales module. Additionally Plementus implemented full ERP modules. Overall, Ahl Masr now finds itself far better organized, and therefore they are able to both work and collect donations more efficiently.

“We even use Odoo Helpdesk for the commercial department to communicate with the operations department. We use Odoo in literally everything internally, and if a feature is missing in odoo we customize it for our internal use. We don’t develop Odoo for the clients only, we also develop it for Plementus.” 

– Hassan Sam Arslan

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