Winning in business: Act and React

Hong Kong, China
Industry: Trading of hair extensions
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchase
Number of Users: 3
Company Size: 11
Implementation Type: On-premise 

JYF INTERNATIONAL LTD is a professional supplier of hair extensions that has fully committed within the market industry of hair extensions for over 8 years. Their factory locates in XUCHANG, Henan province, China, and the sales office is in Shenzhen city. They have all kinds of hair extension products, like virgin hair wefts, colored hair wefts, tape hair, varies of hair extensions, clip in hair, lace wigs, synthetic wigs, ponytails, fringe, top closures, training head, etc. They offer hair extension products with the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Odoo’s features enable the company to manage the operation fluently and systematically. Odoo allows JYF to manage its vendors bills, purchase and logistics operations so that the sales could focus on closing the deals.

Odoo understood the fact that it is hard for startup companies to take off fast and balance its profit and loss without a strong foundation. In this case, Odoo is the right tool for startup companies to build its empire. Odoo is also the right partner who would support the growth of the business. Take JYF as an example, company had to take care of complicated operation procedures such as selecting the best raw materials, rigorously controlling the quality and production chains, whilst respecting delivery deadlines to the clients from the international market. Some may think it takes a lot of personnel to handle these work. However, Odoo has simplified everything for them. Through these years, they have built an outstanding brand reputation in the industry as they are able to manage the orders and inventory systematically while keeping the cost low.
Objective: 100% customer satisfaction, with long-term professional collaboration
First of all, JYF has an excellent warehouse management to achieve the objective. Its stock would never been ran out because Odoo will always remind the manager that the particular item is running low. Re-ordering process is simple and rapid. Moreover, with the systematic warehouse management, JYF has saved a lot of time checking its stock quantity.

Modifying your business model

In the beginning of the business, JYF was a wholesaler, its business model was simple. The only thing that they have to manage are the leads and opportunities by the CRM app and purchase from the supplier by the Purchase app. However, JYF became a retailer later on and have to manage the in-and-out of its stock of over 600 sku. This is the moment when the situation became complicated. However, with the help from Odoo, JYF managed to quickly adapt itself in such sharp changes of operation and tackle the new challenges. The operation flow is shown by the following chart. All of the apps have their place helping the company to company different kind of tasks that saves a lot of man power and time.

Operation flow chart of JYF International Limited with Odoo applications

Never be afraid to change

In business world, it is critical that leaders to be self aware and make changes to overcome the challenges. However, financial costs are often one of the worst obstacles that makes decision makers to resist from changing since more man power and equipment have to be added in the process of modification. 

With the help from Odoo, the operational cost is foreseeable. It is very easy to add more apps to the database and convert the sales methods. Decision makers can finally put their dreams into action.

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