Successful Business Strategy in Asia Market

Hong Kong, China
Industry: Consumer Goods/ Gifts
Apps Implemented:
    Custom app: Product Development, Projects, Production, Trade Easy
    Non-custom app: Accounting
Number of Users: 15
Company Size: 20+
Implementation Type: On-premise 

    1000 miles is a one-stop solution for developing and producing gift concepts. It is a full-service manufacturing trading company which partners with clients to drive their sales of gift concepts. The company has a creative studio to create its own gift concept brands from scratch to full product development, production, assembly and logistics in the manufacturing facility in Yiwu, China. 1000 miles has over 6,700 delivered projects over the years. It has successfully maintained the daily operation and deliver the products on time. The company is the market leader in gifts that established its business in China and promoted the brand to the world.

    China is well-known as "The World's Factory" which the factories in China produce almost half the world's goods according to The Economist. There are a lot of advantages of doing business in China that attracts foreign investment to  establish a manufacturing company in the country. Nevertheless, this also implies that the competition is fierce and make startups even harder to survive in the environment. The success of 1000 miles is not a miracle. It is achieved by good management and operation flow. 

    "Odoo helped me to manage all the company easier since we have a better control of our processes and can see all company in one picture." 

    Yariv Sade, CEO

    "Odoo helped me to manage all the accounting operation from petty cash management to customer payments, invoices and reporting. " 

    Doris Ding, Accountant

    "Odoo helped me to organize my customer projects information in once place and move project to a sales order faster."

    Edith Tao, Customer Project team leader

    According to the developer of 1000 miles, development is a powerful tool in Odoo that provides sophisticated framework for developers to develop their own custom apps. The management of 1000 miles does not have to modify its operation or do extra work to fit itself into odoo; however, odoo can be customized and applied to the existing company operations. 

    Introduction of 1000 miles’ operation flow using Odoo app

    To understand how the features of Odoo helps 1000 miles to run the business, let’s look at the operation flow of 1000 miles.

    I. Product Development

    Function: a custom app that is built to manage a development of a product, concept and collections.  
    1. Creating of collection

    2. Creating assortments and bills of materials

    3. RFQ collection from vendors

    4. Calculating BOM costs

    5. Samples orders

    6. Purchase orders

    7. Assembly of samples

    8. Receiving of samples

    II. Projects

    Function: a custom app that is built to manage a Customers projects of product development.

    1. Creating of projects and tasks

    2. Projects follow-up

    3. Creating assortments and bill of materials

    4. Calculating BOM costs

    5. RFQ collection from vendors

    6. Quotations

    7. Samples orders

    8. Purchase orders

    9. Assembly of samples

    10. Receiving of samples

    III. Production

    Function: a custom app that is built to manage the company production operation.
    1. Creating sales orders

    2. Creating purchase orders

    3. Receiving inventory

    4. Managing quality issues

    5. Sorting of defects

    6. Shipping arrangement

    7. Sample orders

    8. Purchase orders

    9. Assembly of samples

    IV. Trade Easy

    Function: a custom app that is built to provide customers concepts or product information during a trade show and generate a quote sheet after trade show.

    1. Create events

    2. All collections to events

    3. Scan concepts or products using barcode

    4. Create quote for customers

    5. Trade show project management

    6. Converting quotes to Projects

    7. Trade show analysis

    8. Follow up Projects

    V. Accounting

    Function: an app to record transactions automatically.

    1. Track expenses

    2. Synchronize transaction with the stocks to keep valuation up to date

    3. Create sharp and professional invoices

    4. Manage recurring billings and track payments

    5. Automate reconciliation with reconciliation tool

    It is shown that the Odoo applications helped 1000 miles to ease the daily operation by simplifying all the procedures. There is no way that the management could lose track of the stock or miss out any leads. As a result, with such a strong foundation stone, 1000 miles could build its brand and focus on what they do best — to produce the best gift products and serve its customers.

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