Mohamed Nour Optics

A Fast Switch To Odoo

Mohamed Nour Optics

Location: Egypt

Industry: Optics Retail

Partner name (if applicable): Roaya

Main Apps implemented/used: Accounting, Purchase, Sales, Point of Sale, CRM, Inventory, Marketing, and eCommerce.

Company Size: 70+ Employees

About the Company
Mohamed Nour Optics was first established in 1959 when the first store opened in Alexandria, Egypt. Later in 1962, Mohamed Nour Optics opened its first store and lab in Sudan, becoming the only company that offers both lens treatment and surfacing as well as AR coating.

In 1995, El-Nour optics lab was opened in Egypt offering the same services as it’s sister lab in Sudan. Meanwhile, 9 new branches of the original Mohamed Nour Optics store have opened in Egypt. 

Mohamed Nour Optics has attained ISO 9002 quality system compliance with European quality system standard in the production of optical lenses certificate. The company is now a member of the Optical Laboratories Association.

Information is difficult to access, redundant and unnecessary.

All companies must manage their accounting and inventory very well, to ensure that the company is rising above at all times; making easy access to information crucial. 

Mohamed Nour Optics has one head office, two companies and 10 branches under its name. In order to manage their accounting and inventory, they had installed SAP’s All in One version in the head office. Having 10 branches, comes with 10 sets of inventory, sales and data generated at the end of each day on a POS system that was not tied to their SAP software. Having an accounting platform that was not integrated with their main source of income meant that the M. Nour Team had to put in more manual labour. Everyday, they would go on a mission to collect the data and sales from all the branches and upload it into SAP, in order to update their information. 

In an integrated solution, data collected after every shift builds reports that allow the company to make wise future business decisions, based on their current situation. However, with manual work being done and a higher chance of errors, the M. Nour team did not have accurate reports to build from. That resulted in information being difficult to access and the task being redundant and unnecessary.

Centralizing data and optimizing work time
M. Nour Optics were aware that they were consuming their employees’ time with repetitive and administrative actions, and so they opted for Odoo. With our fully integrated platform and our implementing partners, Roaya, M. Nour immediately installed the accounting, purchase, sales, point of sale, and inventory modules. 

The switch to Odoo was faster than ever. Mohamed Nour Optics is now selling through their POS which means that all of their accounting reports and stock in each branch were being updated live, without any manual interference. This allowed management to fully optimize their employees’ work time and create accounting reports that were meticulous. 

“This level of integration [in Odoo] has saved us more than 70% of employee work time and effort. All our branches are now able to check stock availability and transfer stock from the nearest branch. Which not only made it easier for our employees, it also gave a clean overview of stock flow to management. Currently, CXOs have the right reports from all departments, that allows them to make appropriate decisions.”

– Nadim Ahmed, Operational Manager

In the past, M. Nour would have had to purchase a different platform alongside the accounting platform to execute marketing campaigns or launch an eCommerce website. Training employees on any new software is a long and expensive process, which only highlights the importance of having a single platform that combines everything a company needs. In light of this, M. Nour followed their original implementation with CRM, marketing and the eCommerce modules from Odoo. Not only was M. Nour able to improve their customer experience in stores, they were also able to provide for their customers by existing online with Odoo eCommerce in no time.

From M. Nour Optics –

“SAP and Local POS were replaced with Odoo ERP, which made it easy for us to handle everything in one platform. Now all of our branches and our head office are working on the same system. We made the switch between a local server to the Odoo Cloud so that we can have one centralized database. As a result, all our sales operations are directly reflected in accounting so that the head office team can review the financial statements in real time. The flexibility of the software and user-friendly interface, specifically with POS, keeps us and our employees satisfied.”

                                                                                             Nadim Ahmed, Operational Manager

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