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Green Sahel Consulting

Company Name: Green Sahel Consulting
Country: Mauritania
Industry: Construction
Main Apps: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, Project, Field Service, Maintenance, Payroll, Expenses.

Number of Odoo Users: 3
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Sary Barbar
Odoo Implementing Consultant: Ralph Takchi

Green Sahel Consulting (GSCO) is a full-service construction company based in Mauritania. With a hands-on approach to every project, GSCO's experienced professionals are committed to delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. They understand the unique requirements and demands of working with different types of clients, including banks, government agencies, and the oil and gas industry.

GSCO specializes in design-build projects, offering a full-service approach that streamlines the construction process and ensures that experienced professionals handle every aspect of a project. From design to construction and everything in between, GSCO is dedicated to delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service on every project.

In addition to their strong commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, GSCO has delivered projects in all major cities and towns throughout Mauritania. They believe in a hands-on approach to project management and don't run projects from offices only. They get into the thick of things and ensure every project is completed to the highest quality standards.

Procurement and Sales:

One of the biggest pain points for GSCO was their sales cycle, which involved both private and public customers. They often had to bid on projects through call for tenders, which added an extra layer of complexity. Additionally, payments could occur before or after project execution, with varying customer payment terms.

To address these issues, GSCO implemented Odoo's Sales application. This allowed them to streamline their sales process by tracking leads, opportunities, and quotations all in one place. They could also create invoices and payment records directly from the application, and easily manage customer payment terms. With Odoo's Sales application, GSCO was able to simplify their sales cycle and increase efficiency in their operations.

Another challenge for GSCO was their purchase cycle, which involved multiple sites and locations, and varying vendor payment terms. To manage this complexity, GSCO implemented Odoo's Purchase application. With this application, they could easily create purchase orders and manage the delivery of goods from multiple locations. The application also allowed them to track landed costs, including customs, duty, and shipping fees, and ensured that inventory valuation was automated.

Managing inventory across multiple sites and locations can be challenging, but GSCO was able to streamline their operations with Odoo's Warehouse Management application. They could easily receive orders in the warehouse or on-site; the application allowed them to deliver and receive goods in one step. They also implemented automated inventory valuation using the Average Cost (AVCO) method, and the application supported multiple units of measure for length, weight, and volume. With Odoo's Warehouse Management application, GSCO was able to improve their inventory management and reduce errors.

Accounting, Invoicing and HR:

As with any business, accounting and invoicing were critical components for GSCO. They needed to ensure that their expenses were recorded correctly, and that they could easily reconcile payments and generate tax reports. To manage this, they implemented Odoo's Accounting application. This allowed them to track their expenses accurately, including sales and purchase tax, withholding tax, and set up the correct expense account for each product category. With Odoo's Accounting application, they could easily generate P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow reports.

Ensuring employee salaries are accurately reflected in the company's tax reporting can be challenging. However, GSCO simplified this process with Odoo's Payroll application. The application allows them to apply the correct taxes based on salary brackets and ensures that the tax is reflected on the correct account, per the company's chart of accounts. With Odoo's Payroll application, GSCO can easily manage their payroll and ensure that they are compliant with tax regulations.

Tracking miscellaneous project expenses can be time-consuming, but with Odoo's Expenses application, GSCO can streamline this process. Employees can submit expenses, which managers then approve and record against a specific analytic account. This allows GSCO to track project spending accurately and record their expenses correctly.

Project Management:

GSCO manages the tendering process through the CRM module, where each tender is represented as an opportunity. The opportunity moves across the pipeline from one stage to another until it reaches the final stage. The engineer/employee responsible for tendering coordinates with the procurement team, project management team, and finance to ensure that the process runs smoothly, from the floating of the tender to the commencement of work on the project.

GSCO manages project execution through Odoo's Project Management application. They can create work schedules, allocate resources, execute purchase orders, and prepare necessary resources and equipment. With the application, they can easily phase the project and ensure it is executed efficiently.

GSCO sometimes intervenes on-site on a customer request basis, and they manage these interventions through Odoo's Field Service application. They can create Field Service Interventions, track their progress, record material consumption, and quote clients if necessary for their services. They also use timesheets and the Project and Field Service modules to record the time spent by project managers and engineers performing certain actions. This allows GSCO to track their field service operations accurately and ensure they deliver quality service to their customers.

Equipment maintenance is critical for GSCO's operations; they manage it through Odoo's Maintenance application. The application allows them to keep track of their equipment, its current location, the engineer handling it, and with a studio customization, allocate the equipment to a project. With the ability to select the equipment currently used in project execution, GSCO can optimize their maintenance schedule and ensure that their equipment is always in good condition.


By implementing various Odoo applications, GSCO was able to streamline their operations and improve efficiency in their construction projects. From sales and purchase cycles to warehouse management and accounting, Odoo's suite of applications provided GSCO with the tools they needed to manage their operations effectively. With the ability to track their field service operations and manage their equipment maintenance schedule, GSCO can ensure that they deliver quality service to their customers. Odoo's applications have helped GSCO tackle their pain points and streamline their operations, allowing them to focus on delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service on every project.

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