Coffee Selection brews success with Odoo

Company Name: Coffee Selection 
Country: UAE
Industry: Retail, eCommerce
Main Apps Implemented: Invoicing, Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, POS, Manufacturing
Company Size: 5
Implementation Timeline: 5 Months
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Rania Alrawanduzy

About Coffee Selection

Coffee Selection is a specialty coffee roastery established in 2015 in Abu Dhabi by CEO and founder Mohamed Ali. While it all started as a homegrown business using a 1K AED roasting machine, today, Coffee Selection holds the largest roastery machine in all of the UAE. Coffee Selection sources specialty coffee green beans from all over the world including South America, Africa and Asia, and roasts them based on the Speciality Coffee Association standards. This coffee is then sold to home users through their website or store, as well as being supplied directly to 70 cafes and restaurants in UAE, and across the Gulf region. 

Need to Modernize 

Prior to beginning growing with Odoo, everything in the team was manual. From purchasing order to invoicing to inventory, the journey to find the perfect ERP was long. Mohamed Ali wanted a system that was going to be cost effective, flexible and easy to use. In 2019, Odoo was finally implemented, and all the processes at Coffee Selection changed. Finally the team could have access to their whole company within the palm of their hand. 

The major five apps that were being used on a daily basis include Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing and POS. The flexibility of the Apps is something Mohamed really appreciated, and it came especially handy during the world renowned Expo 2020 in Dubai. Coffee Selection opened up a temporary shop at the event, and with ease were able to set up a dedicated point of sale for that specific new store. And while the POS is still different in the main store, in the backend everything is integrated together. This is seamlessly reflected in the financial statement, balance sheet, as all figures add up and come together in the back end of the system. 

Business nuances

In the coffee industry, the measuring unit used is that of grams. The beans are purchased in grams and sold in grams as well. Therefore, the inventory management system needs to handle this complicated task by gathering all the information precisely - to the last gram. Odoo was able to help the team manage the inventory even when dealing with such small measurements. The ease of use and intuitive system, made this part of the business run smoothly. Now, Mohamed trusts that when inventory is moved from one location to another, no gram is lost.  

Prior to using Odoo, the team’s database was fully scattered. Invoices would be found in one place, LPOs in another, and it was becoming very difficult to keep track of basic business transactions. With Odoo, everything finally became integrated, saving the team time and efforts. Even small touches like being able to generate an invoice or quotation on the phone and not miss out on a single deal, is something that Mohamed truly values.

If you are looking for a cost effective software, timesaving software, efficient software. Then it is simply Odoo
Mohamed Ali, Founder & CEO of Coffee Selection


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