5 steps to grow revenues from your online shop

Set up an attractive website and increase your sales

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”
                                                                                      Bob Hooey

Setting up an attractive online store that stands out from all the others takes a lot of work, but it can be done easily if you follow these basic steps.  Make the whole buying process user friendly and easy to understand for all your visitors and potential customers. With every action you take, always measure its impact on sales through Google Analytics.

1. Create great website and product pages

To keep the branding strong and your customers interested, you need to create attractive product pages with interesting design that represents the look and feel of your company. But not at any cost: your first objective is to offer visitors a great experience, not to clutter the site with fancy graphics and logos.
Your online store should have a clean and simple design, with pictures of your products and descriptions of all the features.

2. Upselling: suggest alternative products

One of the easy ways to increase your sales revenue is by upselling. You can show visitors similar, but more expensive products from your database. Research the market beforehand and identify what products are the best sellers in order to change your customers' minds and sell them more expensive alternatives.

As you can see in the example below, the customer is interested in buying an iPod and we are showing them two more expensive alternatives - iPad Mini and iPad Retina Display. Now they can easily change their mind and buy one of the suggested products, increasing your revenue.

3. Cross-selling: offer related products 

Cross-selling is another way to increase your sales. You can offer extra products related to what the shopper puts in their cart. 

Once the customer reaches the checkout phase, they will see suggestions of related products that might be useful to buy as well. 

In our case, customers wants to buy an iPod and they will see wireless keyboard and headphones as related products that they can easily add to their cart and boost their purchase.

4. Product variants: add accessories to the product

For another way to do cross-selling, you can also recommend accessories that compliment a customer's purchase.
By choosing the right complimentary products, you'll manage to convince the customer that these are exactly what they were missing in their purchase. 

For example, when someone is about to buy an iPad Retina Display, they will be a suggestion to also buy a warranty or an extra graphic card. They can even choose the warranty period for their iPad.

5. Engage: chat with your customers

There is another more subtle way that can increase your revenues – and that's making communication between you and your customers smooth and simple.

You can create a contact form on your website or you can install Live Chat for direct communication with your visitors. This will enable you to answer their questions in real-time and to be there to make suggestions that could encourage them to make even bigger purchases, or simply go through with their purchase and not abandon a full cart without checking out. 

If you master all these steps, you will not only increase your revenues, but also gain loyal and long term customers. 

eCommerce demo

Do you want to know how to achieve all this and much more with the Odoo eCommerce app? Still confused about how it all works? Check out our short video that explains everything.

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