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Odoo Business Service department is looking for its future colleagues to help us achieve our mission: Leading the market by example and helping companies working in a more efficient way. You feel you are the perfect fit to participate to this challenge, check what you can expect from this job.

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Company Growth

60% Year over year

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As Business Analyst, you will implement Odoo. You'll be in direct touch with the clients to help them with the good use of all Odoo apps (eCommerce,  Manufacturing,  Inventory,  Project,  Website...). Therefore, you will analyze their needs, design the solution, configure their flows as well as deliver personal training sessions. You will be at the front seat to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget. Basically, you will be responsible to deliver the best management solution to your customers! 

As  a  Business Consultant, you will also support the growth of our partner network. You will help & coach our partners, from all around the world, to implement their customers projects and to become Odoo Experts.

Besides, as a Retail Expert, you will push the boundaries of mastery by specializing yourself in a cohesive set of apps, combining it with in-depth business knowledge. You will receive regular training to keep on increasing your proficiency in Odoo, both at a functional and technical level, as well as developing a clear understanding of the field realities in which you are going to operate during your projects. 

With this double-hat, you will join our center of excellence aiming at supporting our business services, increasing our community knowledge and putting your application(s) on the map. Among other activities, you will: 

  • Be a reference point for the business analysts' team by supporting, coaching and training them; 

  • Collaborate with our Product Owners to transmit customer and partner feedback; 

  • Support our Sales and Marketing teams develop your apps reputation; 

  • Be highly involved in the Odoo Experience, our annual event; 

  • Develop new service offerings on top of the existing ones; 

  • And many more … 

This role is challenging, but intellectually stimulating, and profoundly rewarding since you help our customers, partners and colleagues take the best advantage of our Retail suite of apps. Despite the specialization, the diversity of missions makes everyday a different experience. 

In the very first weeks, you will quickly get involved in your first projects receiving the support of more experienced colleagues, going through an onboarding of 6 months in our Quickstart team. You will progressively increase your level of autonomy but never forget that two heads are better than one! You won't have time to get bored as each project is different (industry, scope, etc.)


Project Management (50-70%)
    • Gain trust of your customers

    • Analyze the customer needs and suggest solutions

    • Implement the agreed solutions (configuration and development)

    • Make your customer/partner an Odoo Champion (training)

    • Follow the project and communicate about its status and the ongoing tasks

    • Organize and follow-up Odoo implementations

    Internal Improvement (30-50%)

    • Support, coach and train other team members

    • Produce enlightening content

    • Collaborate with the Product Owners

    • Participate in sales and marketing activities

    • Develop new business services


  • English and Dutch or French
  • 1-8 years of experience in the retail sector
  • Experience with a retail management tool
  • Autonomous, Assertive & Proactive
  • Learn fast & Multitasking
  • Good communication/negotiation skills
  • Valid work permit for Belgium
  • Affinity with the IT world


  • Other European Languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
  • Experienced in management software implementation

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Discover our day-to-day job as an Business analyst Expert at Odoo


What's great in the job?

  • Get real responsibilities and autonomy in a fast evolving company.
  • Great team of dynamic people (+/-200), in a friendly and open culture.
  • Diversity in the projects.
  • Expand your knowledge of various business industries.
  • Two weeks of intensive functional training with a final certification.
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The founder's story

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Wanna join the fun?

Step 1: CV screening
Our Recruitment team will check if you match the requirements and our team needs!

Step 2: Phone interview
If your CV is received positively, you will receive a call from one of our recruiters so that you can explain your motivations and ask any questions you may have.

Step 3: Video call with the expertise team
Meet your future team leader and discuss the role in more detail, your field of expertise and your interest in the position.

Step 4: Final interview with a business analyst
It's time for the business case! Come discover our office and meet a team leader business analyst and show an Odoo demonstration 💻

Step 5: Get an offer!
If the 3 previous steps were positive, you will receive an offer to join our Dream team!