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The Odoo Business Service department is on the hunt for future colleagues who can join us in our ambitious mission: to lead the market by example and assist companies in operating more efficiently. If you believe you're the ideal candidate to take on this challenge, let's take a closer look at what you can anticipate from this role.

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Users of the Product

+ 7,000,000

Company Growth

67% Year over year

Company Maturity


What is a Business Analyst at Odoo?                                         

As a Business Analyst at Odoo, you wear multiple hats to drive success:

  1. Client Implementation 🔧: Your mission is to implement Odoo software solutions and work closely with clients to ensure they make the best use of the Odoo applications (eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, Projects, Websites, and more). By understanding your client's needs and processes & delivering personalized training, you'll become the go-to person for all management solutions.

  2. Supporting Partner Growth: You're not just about clients; you also play a vital role in nurturing our global partner network. Your guidance and coaching empower partners to excel in implementing Odoo solutions for their clients, transforming them into Odoo Experts.
  3. Expanding Horizons in larger accounts 🌅: Get ready for a dynamic journey as you take on larger accounts in the Medium Market and Corporate sectors. These are companies with over 100 employees, and your expertise will be crucial in managing teamwork & long-term projects. Your mission remains clear: implementing our software flawlessly and delivering tailored training. And who knows, your path might lead you to the esteemed role of Project Director.

Picture yourself orchestrating a symphony of diverse projects (+/- 10) all at once. In the very first weeks, you will quickly get involved in your first projects, always receiving the support of your new colleagues. Over time, you'll find your wings and become more and more autonomous but don't forget, two heads are always better than one! And as for boredom, it's nowhere to be found! Each project is a delightful journey of its own, with its unique industry and scope, promising you a constantly refreshing experience. So, get ready to embark on a captivating adventure where every day is a new and enchanting chapter! 🌟🚀

Do you have experience in one of these domains ? Even Better.

Our vision for our Business Analysts is crystal clear: we aim to equip them with the skills to implement Odoo from A to Z, regardless of the company, industry, or business sector. If you happen to possess expertise in any specific area, why not give that link a click and see where it leads? Who knows, it might just open the door to some exciting opportunities! 😉

As already experienced in this domain, you have been actively involved in all kinds of accounting activities such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank & cash reconciliations, general ledger, VAT transactions, consolidation, controlling and annual closing transactions.

As already experienced in this domain, you have been actively involved in supply chain activities such as demand planning, procurement, warehousing or transportation management.

As already experienced in this domain, you have been actively involved in manufacturing activities such as production planning, product lifecycle management, quality control or maintenance.

As already experienced in this domain, you have been actively involved in website related projects (website design, ecommerce management or SEO). A basic understanding of front-end development languages (HTML/CSS) is a plus. 

As already experienced in this domain, you understand the challenges of the HR department and you are familiar with everything related to payroll, recruitment, employee contracts and time off management.

As already experienced in this domain, you have been actively involved in all kinds of marketing activities like emailing, strategic planning, content creation, campaign optimization and trend watching.

Nice to Have

  • Fluent in Italian or German or Spanish
    • Experienced in management software implementation
    • Being certified by a recognized organism (APICS, CFA, ect.)
    • Technical knowledge (XML, Python, JS)

Must Have 

  • 0 to 5 years of experience
  • Fluent in English and French and Dutch/German
  • Learn fast & Multitasking
  • Good communication/negotiation skills
  • Autonomous, Assertive & Proactive
  • Affinity with the IT world
  • Valid work permit for Belgium


  • Project Implementation (80%)
  • Gain the trust of your customers
  • Analyse the customer needs and suggest solutions
  • Implement the agreed solutions (configuration & development)
  • Make your customer/partner an Odoo Champion (training)
  • Follow the project and communicate about its status and the ongoing tasks
  • Organise and follow up Odoo implementations
  • Internal improvement (20%)
  • Feedback to the Product Owners
  • Coaching & Training
  • Feedback for department improvement

What's great in the job?

Get ready for some serious responsibilities and the freedom to shine in a rapidly evolving company. You'll be part of an awesome team of around 200 dynamic individuals, all in a friendly and open work culture.

Expect diversity in your projects, giving you a chance to dive into various business industries and broaden your horizons. And here's the cherry on top: you'll get two weeks of intensive functional training, culminating in a shiny certification. Let the adventure begin! 🚀

Implementation Methodology

The ultimate guide to successfully implement and sell Odoo projects

The founder's story

From 1 to 250 employees in 5 years.


What we offer.

Salary Configurator💰 

A full-time position
with attractive benefits that you can chose and change every year (car, full insurances, net allowances, extra holidays).

Exchange Program 🌍

After +/- 2 years, apply to a similar position
in a subsidiary of Odoo.

Our offices
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Afterworks at the swiming pool, BBQ, several team buildings, LAN parties, Running race, Run & Bike, 


12 days / year, including 6 of your choice,
for personal development.
A Learning & Development team of 3 people, dedicated to help you grow your skills.

Sport Activity 💪

Play any sport with colleagues,
the bill is covered ! 
The Gym @ Office with free sport session (Crossfit, Yoga, Running club,...)

Eat & Drink

Have you heard about the Odoo restaurant? Free food (Hot meal + salad bar) evey day! 
Fruit basket, soft, coffee, cookies and many more👨🍳