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Re: Dynamically assign a domain in Odoo 10 CE

Chidozie Kingsley Okonkwo
- 2018年08月28日 12時26分46秒
Maybe this can help you: Odoo how domain attribute works?

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Odoo how domain attribute works?

I have a One2many relation in my odoo ' student .student' model that's it result_ids = fields.One2many("scho...

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 5:25:10 PM GMT+1, Christian Zöllner <> wrote:


typically you need the fields you depend on on that model form view. They can be visible or invisible.

Let's look at an easy example the partner category. That category should be obviously on res.partner (category_id) and crm.lead (partner_category_id).

Your partner_id field domain in the crm.lead form view should be [('category_id', '=?', partner_category_id)]. Why the operator '=?' --> if partner_category_id is None/False the whole domain will result in a true and therefore show all partners.

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Betreff: Dynamically assign a domain in Odoo 10 CE

Dear Odoo experts,


We have a many2one ( or maybe a many2many ) field in a form view and we want the search domain for this field to be depending on another field on the form. For example in CRM, we want the search list for the partner_id to be restricted to a partner category or a company or a city depending on the sales channel or a campaign. We have tried a lot of things but we cannot achieve this. Can someone point us in the right direction please ?


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Van Hirtum Johan

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