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Re: Unit price is 0 in RFQ and PO

Brightwave LTD, Jesse Morgan
- 2017年11月22日 17時18分01秒
Hi Jussi,

The product cost is not necessarily the same thing as the supplier purchase price.
For instance, if you purchase 1 at $10, then 1 at $20, the product cost would be calculated at $15 (if using average costing method)

For this reason it doesn't make sense to populate the product cost into the RFQ/PO as a purchase price.
Instead, as mentioned by Matt, you can specify purchase prices for each supplier in the inventory tab of a product.

Alternatively, once you have done one RFQ/PO and receipted the goods in, Odoo will automatically remember the last purchase price for you and will use it to automatically fill in the purchase price for the next RFQ/PO for that product.


On 23 November 2017 at 05:10, Matt Taylor <> wrote:
You need to setup a product supplier.  Then create a PO for that vendor.  It's on the Inventory tab of the product form or on the Purchasing tab in v11.


On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 8:05 AM, Jussi Lehto <> wrote:

I have setup cost and sale price for a stockable product. When I create
a RFQ and add the product to it, the unit price is shown as 0. I have to
add the correct price manually. I have understood that the unit price in
RFQ (and thus in Purchase Order) should be updated automatically from
the product details. What might be wrong?

kind regards,

Jussi Lehto

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