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Re: Proprietary modules for 8.0?

- 2016年10月21日 08時20分56秒
2016-10-21 14:03 GMT+02:00 Eric Caudal <>:
> Hi Dominique,
> I am not talking about this but about the Odoo private license with the
> OpenERP contract.
> This is a kind of double license, isnot it?
Yes indeed, very old story of such an attempt a long time ago, but if
I remember correctly, this idea was dis-continued with OpenERP 6.1. I
may be wrong, but not far. It would have made impossible any third
party contribution under AGPL, in particular localisations.
The infringement case I was mentioning relates to the initial question
of the thread : only 'proprietary over V8' case. Seems it has been
forgiven at last Odoo days.