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Using supplier product code on purchase orders

Marcelo Bello
- 2015年11月19日 10時40分57秒
Hi all,

    For my business, sometimes it would be much more convenient to enter a purchase order using the supplier product code. 
    Take this use case scenario:
  1. I visit the shop of a supplier;
  2. I pick and choose all items I want to buy, some new, some already on my product list;
  3. I arrive back to my company with the supplier invoice listing: product code, product description and unit price;
  4. I want to type the supplier invoice directly into Odoo, without having to first map the supplier product codes to my own internal product reference code (or its description);
  5. For order lines that cannot be added from supplier code I know I need to first add the product to the Odoo product catalog. 

    The problem is that mapping a supplier product code to internal product ref used on Odoo is not easy because Odoo has no search facility for supplier product code (or am I missing something?). But even if it had such functionality, simply entering the supplier product code following the supplier invoice would be much easier.
    Is there a module or a native way to enable what I want?

Best regards,

Marcelo Bello