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Re: Odoo 9 Accounting: We support your bank

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 2015年10月05日 04時29分49秒
Not to say not developing as AGPL previous to v9 was simply just illegal along with unethical and I'm not sure the OCA should give credits to people who were playing illegal and against open source as long as they could...

My 2 cts

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 4:59 AM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2015-10-05 2:41 GMT-05:00 Alexandre Fayolle <>:
> if i developed a custom addon for 8 which depends on, or is based on > appraisal in HR and want to upgrade to 9, i will have to do massive > changes on my code or upgrade to enterprise. You may also consider porting the AGPL code of these modules from v8 to v9, and maybe propose these ported addons to the Odoo Community Association.

@Richard this is the solution, if you develop closed you will not have the community supprt, for this example especifically we have some modules over follow up too an we are thinking either forward port the agpl version (as alexander says) or simply adjust my modules, but this specific example could be better managed by OCA if my modules stay under OCA already (which are not) then, we must eat our own decisions now and plan with such situatio.

Like this I recommend everybody, if you develop a critical module, put it under OCA umbrella, help to review other's work and you will have allways a plan... we work so hard to try to be as standard as we can and as migrable as we can.... but it is a huge job (even for Odoo SA.)

Let's develop in community and fix the world.


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