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push delivery date from PO to SO

Camptocamp SA, Leonardo Pistone
- 2015年07月29日 12時03分43秒

has anyone found a good way to manage a change of delivery date from
an existing PO to a linked (MTO) SO in v8? The use case is a supplier
calls in to say that a product will be available in a month, and I
want this change in the POL to affect the sale.

I found the following:

- the (POL) has a date_planned field, which is written to the
date_expected of the created move on the validation of the PO
- this is not propagated on subsequent updates of a confirmed PO. A
new module could do that
- changing the date_expected of a move propagates the date delta to
chained moves. This is a new feature in v8. So far so good.

Once we get to the SO, things get confusing to me. The
sale_order_dates module adds three new date fields to the SO:
commitment_date, requested_date and effective date. The latter could
be what I want, but:
- it is a field on the SO, while probably that should be on the SOL
- strangely enough, it checks the creation date of the picking, not
the expected date

Hence, this flow doesn't work. Does anyone know how to handle it?