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Re: FYI: New SAAS pricing posted

Fabien Pinckaers
- 2015年07月09日 16時24分22秒

> Yes, I surely agree with that. But I was referring to most expensive of
> all Odoo SaaS offerings.

Yes, and it is normal. We have a better service offer and we invest 50% in R&D.

We should not try to compete on price with those that just take odoo and host it, with a limited service. Hosting is a commodity now, you should not try to compete on that.

> Of course Odoo S.A. provides other benefits, but the SaaS doesn't seem
> to be very competitive within the Odoo ecosystem.

For now on, we have no competition from others Odoo SaaS offer. Most of them did not address the key challenges of a saas Offer:
- marketing: for a saas offer to succeed, you need a huge volume of customers in production. (Our break even point was around 400) It's a volume offer.
- services: in Software as a Service, the most important word is "service." Hosting is nothing. Being able to put customers in production and making their instance evolve is the real challenge.

But, for sure, we will have serious Odoo competitions in the future. And its ok. Competitions are good for customers and we have a slight advantage with Odoo Enterprise. Thats enough to cover our extra R&D costs.

> Fortunately for customers Odoo is Free Software (as in freedom) so
> people can choose between the founders' company and other Odoo SaaS
> suppliers. So that can be good for partners.

Yes, competition is good for a market.

> However, if the Odoo S.A. offering isn't competitive within that
> ecosystem, S.A. has less opportunities to earn money and may need to
> switch to other business models. Hence possible fears in relation with
> the licensing changes and the downplayed importance of the open source
> nature of software.
> Please understand my observations as a worry for the Odoo S.A.
> sustainability and hence the potential threats to the whole ecosystem.

We are very confident in the sustainability of the model. Our competitiveness is covered by Odoo Enterprise: our R&D investments will pay through Odoo Enterprise (from partners or even other SaaS offers)