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Re: Record Rules access error

- 2015年07月05日 18時03分50秒
Ronald, I didn't develop any modules, I just used the core ones besides the record rules to control the warehouse rights.
So, I created the above record rules (full privileges) one for each location in my warehouse. Then this error popped up.

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Ronald Wopereis <> wrote:

Hi Abu,

While writing my own first module, i noticed that "depends" in somehow triggers an autoload of the underlying model(s) and thereby the load of the access rules.

Hope this helps,

Op 2 jul. 2015 07:42 schreef "Abu Helal" <>:
(This question is repeated for the second time, hoping be lucky this time)

I tried to organize our company's warehouses and locations to the desired structure from our company's point of view to locations such that, (Input, Stock, Packing, and Output).
Then I defined a separate record rule for each location, to differentiate between each location moves and the others. Foe a while, everything was going well, but surprisingly, it get a strange error for the storekeeper ... 

The requested operation cannot be completed due to security restrictions. Please contact your system administrator.
(Document type: stock.move, Operation: read) "
From the first glance I expected that the record rule missed the read permission, but that was wrong. The record rules have the four permissions set!

Can anyone help?

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