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Re: problems with transactions in foreign currencies Odoo 9, 10

Manuel Vázquez Acosta
- 2016年10月20日 12時34分07秒
On 10/18/2016 6:56 PM, Ana Juaristi wrote:
> I don't understand the way you are working. Odoo is able to work with
> foreing currencies witouth making manual transactions.
> Let's try explaining how...

He talks about posting journal entries manually.  Odoo does not make
rate conversion in this case.  It does when it generate the journal
entries by itself (like validating an invoice).

Hi Artem,

I don't know if you can install custom addons.  We have done several
addons that change several aspect of accounting.

One of them (xopgi_proper_currency) changes the journal entry form to
hide the Currency Amount and show two columns: Currency Debit and
Currency Credit and the system uses the rate to make the conversion.

We don't touch the debit and credit columns since there are many parts
in Odoo's core that depend on those.  We also different names:

- base currency, for your functional currency, and presentation currency
- proper currency for you transaction currency.

I can publish those addons in our account.  It will take some
time to review them, but I think you may find them somewhat useful and
we would love your feedback.

Best regards,